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15th-Nov-2008 01:34 pm - The cutest thing you've ever seen.
[COB] uh hurr...
Ok people... if you haven't yet, click the box and watch the puppies!! They are the cutest things EVER.

I want a Shiba Inu...
Btw, their names are Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya, Aki, Akoni, and Ando and they're from California.
7th-Oct-2008 06:26 pm - Stuffs
[OFFICE] holiday dwight

Ugh. I feel so sick. I am congested and stuffy and headachy. I am in class though... I don't want to be here. I want to curl up and watch tv. Bleeeh.

So I went to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. It was fun. There was this area called "Asylum in Wonderland" that was (duh) Alice in Wonderland themed. I LOOOVED demented-Alice's outfit. I def. want to be Alice for next Halloween.

Jonathan Saunders for Target! Anya Hindmarch for Target! I need to check out these new things popping up at my favorite store! want!Collapse )
15th-Sep-2008 09:23 am - "I can see Russia from my house!"
[OFFICE] pam dundie
Come on. You guys know how much I admire Tina Fey. She totally took the cake on SNL.

11th-Sep-2008 04:15 pm - Tale of the tooth
[HP] snape
I got my tooth pulled out today. I ate at Bangkok Bangkok and I got some rice in the hole and I am worried that if I missed anything in there that the wound is going to heal with food in it and infect me and I am going to have to have rice surgery or I will die. I don't want rice surgery! I don't want to die! Why are my teeth so retarded? Why didn't I get insurance last month when I had the chance? Why do I have to look like the left side of my face is paralyzed???
10th-Sep-2008 06:40 pm - D:
[TSU] kurogane angry

I am surrounded by negativity. Why is everyone having such a bad day!? Why can't things be happy and smiley and nice?

29th-Aug-2008 06:55 pm - LMAO.
[OFFICE] holiday dwight

Politics FTW.

20th-Aug-2008 08:53 pm - Girlie things.
[OFFICE] holiday dwight
What's wrong with me? I am super emotional. I don't know why I feel this way cuz I really shouldn't. I have no reason to be upset. That's what I keep telling myself, to not be upset. I can't help it if I am! I shouldn't get disappointed because of one thing or another, but I just DO. I feel like such a baby. A baby who doesn't let her feelings out because she thinks they are stupid and irrational. I try to please people so much that I just end up hurting myself. If I make myself happy then I feel bad because the other person isn't or because I know they aren't as happy as they should be. I don't know if this is PMS or some weird girlie symptom. I feel all retarded and depressed and sad. I don't know why... ok I do but I don't want to admit it cuz it is stupid. I know I am wrong.
18th-Aug-2008 05:57 pm - Hey Fay! Thanks for nothing!
[TSU] kurogane angry
OMG You guys, I am so freaking bored. My eyes hurt because of how bored I am. I feel like I am living in the 1600's. There is NOTHING to do. I want to do something fun. The people who want to do something are too far and the ones that don't are right around the corner. I want to go out. Not be cooped up. I want today to not exist.
4th-Aug-2008 07:37 pm - ... --- ...
[COB] *idea!*
I need a haircut! My hair is VERY difficult to work with. It's naturally curly/wavy and frizzes easily in Miami weather. I hate having short hair (It's bound to look like a ball of fluff and it makes my body look wider) but I don't know what to do! I was looking at some pictures of celebrities on fabsugar and googled the ppl whose hair I liked most. I need opinions, suggestions, ANYTHING. Just not "GO BALD!"

1st-Aug-2008 11:41 am - If only I had money...
[DW] 3D glasses
Ok so I just found out that BCBG has a line of clothes called BCBGeneration that's kinda like Simply Vera in that it's simple items that are "affordable" (heh. I guess $50-$120 is affordable when you consider normal price tags above $300) and sold at dept. stores. I read in a mag that it was sold at Macy's but all the stuff I found online is through Dillard's and Nordstrom. I got a couple of the items I really like and put them here. I love clooooothes!

Oh and Kiki remember I told you about a Thakoon dress I really liked? This is from the Spring '08 line, I love the print

(that model is U-G-L-Y!)

Oh and does anyone else watch PR religiously like me? I didn't like Kenley' dress this week. I thought LeAnne should have won. That skirt was absolutely fabulous. I hated the fabric Kenley used for her dress. It reminded me of a Boca Raton motel in the 80's. Nice contruction, but not very pretty. I also thought Keith should have gotten kicked out. His dress reminded me of Vincent's garbage dress in Season 3 where he glued a bunch of paper on the dress. He should have gotten Auf'ed back then just as Keith should have now.
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